We invite people from all corners of the Earth to join us in this healing ceremony. We will come together to heal the common wound that we all carry from our shared history of violence; to heal the wounds carried by Mother Earth, and; to heal the imprint of those wounds in the energy field overlaying the land. We all share the impacts of these wounds, and we must all come together to heal them.

There is no fee, no registration process to attend, and no need to RSVP. All are welcome.

We ask that you come with a good heart, and good mind, and carry the intention of healing with you.

Each day will begin with a sunrise ceremony. Then, we will reconvene to begin the days remaining ceremonies at 9 am. Ceremonies will end when they are complete. There are evening social activities scheduled for Friday and Sunday. On Saturday night we will have ceremony taking place.

We ask those attending to remain clean and sober during the ceremony. There will be no drugs or alcohol allowed on site. If anyone is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol they will be asked to leave.

There will be 2 shared meals served each day, except for Monday. Bring your own breakfast, fruit, snacks, and your necessaries for specific diets. Meal times are approximate and follow the flow of the ceremonies. There may be delays as the kitchen prepares to serve during break times. Please be prepared to meet your own needs, and those of your family, in case of waits. The coffeepot is on!

We ask all participants to please bring their own reusable plates, cups, and utensils, day attendees and campers alike. We request that there be NO bottled water brought to the event. Please bring reusable drinking containers. Water will be available on site. Conserve precious water.

Sanitary stations are scattered throughout this site. Leave no trace at Nibezun.

Bring a flashlight and/or headlamp.

Bring folding camping chairs to ensure you will have a seat during ceremonies.

Please mute cell phones, better yet, unplug!

Camping is first come, first served. There is no reservation process.

Campers will drive up to the sites, drop off their gear, go park their vehicle in a designated lot, and return for set-up. Swift, orderly set-up allows for less congestion. Honor a sense of quiet, contemplation during this time together, especially at night in the campsites. No personal fires, camping areas have shared common fires.

Please be advised that nighttime ceremonies will be taking place during the gathering. Central campsites are located near ceremonial spaces. Quieter sites are located farther away. Please choose your site accordingly.

Children are welcome. However, there is no daycare available, and families must supervise children.

No Dogs allowed.

We ask that people be respectful and modest in their attire. Dress for the heat, weather, bugs. Good footwear needed on site.

We ask that you respect the elders offering ceremonies and ensure their wellbeing by making sure that they are taken care of and given the opportunity to rest when needed.

No photography.

We welcome volunteer help throughout the weekend. Please visit the information table when you arrive to learn about volunteer opportunities and lend a hand with community needs during the gathering!

Kci Woliwoni/woliwon/welalin – heartfelt thanks.