Where We Gather

We will gather at Nibezun Farm. Nibezun is sacred ground for the Penobscot people. Located adjacent to the original Penobscot Village on Olamon Island, Nibezun sits along the shores of the Penobscot River, providing a gateway to the traditional way of life of the Wabanaki peoples. It has been the sacred ground of Maine’s indigenous people for over 10,000 years, serving as a historical meeting place for Wabanaki tribes and an ancient camp used by their ancestors, the Red Paint People, for gathering red ochre. 

‘Nibezun’ translates to ‘medicine’ from the Penobscot language, with its root word ‘nibi’, meaning water – the first medicine. Here, we will water the seeds for the future with a goal of using culture, connection and community to heal inter-generational trauma in current and future generations of all people. 



18 Nepisikwet Dr.
Passadumkeag, ME 04475

General Information


The closest airport is the Bangor International Airport in Bangor, Maine, which is approximately 40 minutes from the site.

The airport in Portland, Maine is approximately 2 hours 45 minutes from the site, and the airport in Boston is about 4 1/2 hours away.


Camping is available on site. There are also other options nearby.


We will provide lunch and dinner on site.


There is parking available on-site. We also have an overflow lot nearby.

Ceremony Schedule

Our ceremonies are led by Indigenous Spiritual leaders from across Turtle Island. They each bring unique gifts to share with those who attend the gathering. We will have a number of ceremonies offered throughout the gathering. These ceremonies are provided to help facilitate the healing that is taking place.

We will offer ceremonies as follows: 

  • Friday – Opening ceremony, followed by ceremonies for the healing of our individual and collective trauma.

  • Saturday – ceremonies will be offered to heal our broken relationship with Mother Earth.

  • Sunday – ceremonies will be offered to reconnect us with our ancestors and the guidance of the Creator.

  • Monday – closing ceremonies will take place on Monday morning.