Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island 2019

Friday, July 12- Monday, July 15

Our ancestors tell us that the Eastern Door is where we will gather to begin the healing of this land. It is here in the East where first contact was made between the Native peoples and the newcomers. It is here that the first blood was spilled between our people, and the long history of violence began. And, it is here on this same land that the healing must begin.

Our prophecies tell us that when the people of the world rise up and begin standing for the protection of life, a great healing will begin. In order for that healing to take root, the people must return to the place where the initial wounding on this land took place, and join together with one heart and one mind to heal the wounds that they carry within them, and those carried by Mother Earth. When they do, the Eastern Door will re-open and we will be able to renew our sacred contracts with one another as human beings, and between human beings and the rest of creation. The opening of the Eastern Door will usher in a new beginning, and begin building a new way of life for all living beings.

This is a twenty-one year ceremony that will travel to all corners of this land to open each spiritual door to bring in the healing energies that we so desperately need. This is year three of the ceremony. It will be hosted for four years in each location and will return to the starting point in the twenty-first year to close the ceremony.

We invite people from all corners of the Earth to join us in this healing ceremony. We will come together to heal the common wound that we all carry from our shared history of violence; to heal the wounds carried by Mother Earth, and; to heal the imprint of those wounds in the energy field overlaying the land. We all share the impacts of these wounds, and we must all come together to heal them.

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